Problems that cannot be ignored in the design of LED street lights

2020-08-11 06:29:133626

With the continuous development of LED technology, the number of LED street lamps used in urban road lighting is also increasing, and LED street lamp manufacturers are developing rapidly like mushrooms after a rain. Many LED street lamp manufacturers have launched their own LED street lamp products. However, the quality of these LED street light products is uneven. In order to maximize profits, many LED street light manufacturers do not research and develop LED street light products, but directly apply the public model products on the market to the heat dissipation and waterproof performance of LED street lights. It may not be compatible.

One of the important factors for the quality of an LED street lamp is the heat dissipation of the LED street lamp. Because LED chips emit a lot of heat when they work, and LED chips are electronic products, long-term operation of electronic products at high temperatures will seriously affect their service life, and even directly cause dead lights. Therefore, the heat dissipation performance of LED street lights is very important.

Therefore, when we buy LED lighting products, we should not blindly compare prices, but look at the comprehensive performance of all aspects of LED street lighting design.